Sarah Lies

Sarah Lies is originally from the United States. She moved to New Zealand almost a decade ago completing her Doctorate of Audiology at the University of Washington. Sarah settled into kiwi life easily, meeting her partner here and having a beautiful daughter. The Whitby community has been home for 3 years and with the commitment to the area of opening her own hearing clinic, it will be home for years to come.

Sarah has 10 years of extensive experience in the field of audiology. Sarah has worked in a vast array of settings including trauma hospitals and for Veterans Affairs in America, to private clinic settings here in New Zealand. Sarah brings passion and enthusiasm to hearing healthcare as she has seen time and time again the significant and positive impact that hearing well can have on quality of life, communication and relationships.
Sarah decided to open her own audiology clinic as she believes in offering a less corporate and more personal level of hearing care to help people really get the most out of their hearing aids and to truly hearing well. Getting hearing aids fitted is just the start, but as hearing changes over time, it is the follow up care and relationship that ultimately makes hearing well consistently, so important.

Sarah looks forward to helping the people of Whitby and surrounds.

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