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Shooting & Hunting Earplugs

It only takes one shot to damage your hearing. Some firearms can produce sound pressure levels (SPL) as high as 175 decibels. Our threshold of pain is 130 dBSPL and damage can occur at 127 dBSPL after only one second of exposure. Reduce your risk for noise-induced hearing loss by getting the right ear gear. There is a full range of hearing protection for hunters, including active noise reduction that suppresses sound at the point of impact rather than all the time - a great benefit when you want to have a conversation with your hunting buddy or listen for approaching animals.

Your audiologist will walk through the different options and help you select the perfect fit for you. Don't risk your hearing over one shot.

Production time is usually around 7 working days. From $260 pair (includes ear impressions, custom plugs, and fitting).