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Love Your Hearing Foundation

New Zealand Hearing works hard to extend our services to all Kiwis and our friends on neighboring islands through the Love Your Hearing Foundation. We do outreach programs and humanitarian trips to bring hearing to those who otherwise do not have access to an audiologist or the means to afford our services.

Upcoming Events

Annual Cook Islands Humanitarian Trip - June 2019

Annual Cook Islands Humanitarian Trip - June 2019

An annual event for New Zealand Hearing where our founder Scott Wright sets up to provide hearing services to the people of the Cook Islands.

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Annual Cook Islands Humanitarian Trip - June 2019

NOTE! This event is happening right now! We'll send live updates as we receive them to keep you engaged and notified!

Our humanitarian trips to the Cook Islands are a big undertaking that require packing and traveling with all of our audiology equipment (including the audiometer and hearing aid fitting equipment). On a typical trip, our audiologists will see over 20 people each day for two weeks. The audiologists provide a full range of audiological services to meet the extensive list of hearing health needs.

Stay tuned for photos and live updates of the 2019 trip that commenced on 1 June.

Get Involved

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Donate Hearing Aids

Have you recently upgraded your hearing aids and not sure what to do with your previous, yet still functioning, hearing aids? Send them our way! We partner with many manufacturers to help us refurbish and renew devices so they can be used in some capacity on our humanitarian trips. Contact our support team to learn more!

Donate Funds

For every dollar donated, New Zealand Hearing matches the donation amount. Financial donations help us fund new hearing devices for our program and our humanitarian trips to the Cook Islands. Contact our support team to learn more and donate today!

Support Our Events

Throughout the year, our New Zealand Hearing clinics sponsor events that directly benefit the Love Your Hearing Foundation. Your support at these events is the biggest compliment you can give us, the more support we get, the more we can give back.

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