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New Hearing Aid Fitting

During this appointment your local audiologist will provide individualised programming of the hearing aids you have chosen together. They will also conduct a technical assessment to ensure they are functioning correctly in your ears and coach you through use and on-going maintenance. During the first several weeks, your audiologist will schedule follow-up appointments for any consequent adjustments to your device settings that may be needed or to answer any questions you may have while you adapt to your new life in high definition sound.

It’s hard to put a price on better hearing, and the cost of a new hearing aid fitting will depend on a few different factors. It is important that you see your local audiologist to determine which hearing aids are best for your type of loss, lifestyle, and budget.

Whilst modern technological components factor into the price of a hearing aid – they aren’t all that goes into the value of your hearing solution. The price of our hearing aids also includes extremely high level ongoing personal service with one year free on-going adjustments, in-house cleaning, minor servicing, and maintenance.

All of our audiologists are registered members of the New Zealand Audiological Society so you can be confident that each is University qualified with a Master or Doctor of Audiology Degree. It also allows each to access funding through the ACC, Environment Support Services, Government Subsidies, Work and Income NZ and War Pensions as an approved service provider on your behalf (if eligible).

Scott Wright

Scott Wright

Audiologist/Adjunct Assistant Prof. Vanderbilt University,

AJ Hackett

AJ Hackett

Entrepreneur, Wanaka

loves his hearing

"I'm really stoked and would recommend Scott to anybody"

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