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Custom Swim & Surf Earplugs

Earplugs are an essential must-have for any water lover. Whether you are enjoying a day at the pool or out in the open water, earplugs help protect us from infection and dizziness.

Did you know cold (or too hot) water in our ears can activate our balance system? When this happens, our brain thinks we're spinning when we're really not, causing dizziness. This is a frequent issue for open-water (and pool) swimmers if the water stays in the ear canal too long and doesn't reach body temperature quick enough. It can leave the swimmer immobilized for a short time until the balance system reset. Also, too much time in the water can leave our ears vulnerable to microorganisms that cause infections. These external ear infections, sometimes called swimmers ear, are very painful. The good news is these experiences are preventable and the best prevention is wearing well-fitting earplugs while you're in the water. 

Our custom made swim plugs are a perfect replica of your ear so they stay put while keeping water out!

Production time is usually around 7 working days. From $235 pair (includes ear impressions, custom plugs, and fitting).