Melissa Mesina
Director/ Audiologist, MNZAS

Melissa completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology and subsequently her Masters degree in Clinical Audiology in 2005 at the University of Santo Tomas from the sunny islands of the Philippines. She then moved to New Zealand 15 years ago. She has worked and travelled across the country before discovering Hamilton city. She fell in love with the city’s inherent rich diverse culture and its kind-hearted people. She chose to call Hamilton her home and a place to raise a family.

With almost 20 years of experience as an audiologist, she has trained, took on leadership roles and worked in different multinational companies. She has been a full member of the New Zealand Audiological Society since 2011, wherein her audiological services are based on their clinical best practice guidelines that is proven by scientific research and clinical studies. She is excited to share her wide range of skills and knowledge in audiology, specializing in adult hearing diagnostic, hearing aids and rehabilitation. She also has special interest in tinnitus management. Her long tenure from the field of audiology stems from her strong desire to significantly improve people’s quality of life by enhancing their hearing. 

Melissa and James, her husband, started the Hamilton Hearing Clinic as an independent practice, because they believe that they can provide a better service by offering a less corporate but more of highly individualized approach to the level of care for their clients. With less layers to management, without any ties to any big brands and with competitive pricing, this enables them to have the innate common sense to easily find the most practical hearing solutions and the best suitable technology of hearing aids that closely matches their clients’ needs based on their level of hearing, lifestyle, and budget.

As a local clinic, we can offer flexible bookings to match our client’s needs. We can offer after-hours service and home-based appointments when necessary.

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